Friday, September 2, 2011

Limited Edition Comics signing......two years later.

So Wednesday I drove down with Tom Nguyen and Keith Champagne for their signing at Limited Edition Comics in Iowa. I usually go into these things with the mindset that I'm basically the assistant to all these guys and I'm just there to hang out and be a gopher or whatever. So it is always surprising and nice when people want sketches from me too. I spent the day drawing pretty much non stop.

The guys at the comic store are great. Rob, the owner, is always super nice and makes you feel really welcome and his customers made me feel like a pro. Going to Limited Edition is much more fun than the local cons where you're just another random table that people walk by.

Thanks again to Rob and everybody at LE Comics, you guys are freakin awesome!

So here's some pics of sketches and me with the guys....

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