Monday, June 29, 2009

Teen Titans

I started reading Eddy Barrows' run on Teen Titans and really wanted to do a piece with all the female members of the Titans. Jake ok'ed it and so we have this piece which I am pretty happy with. It took longer than expected, mainly because I was draggin' ass on it and I had to rework my layout. The thumbnail was exactly what I wanted, but Doug made me redo the initial layout so as to be more like the thumbnail, which he liked. So far everyone's favorites seem to be Ravager and Ms. Martian, I would agree.

Oh, and thanks to Pat for help with Bombshells "shiny" look.

Already working on the next one, Dr. Doom and Scarlet Witch....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Huggin' in the forest....

Another commission in the can, this time Hulk vs. Sabretooth. A different approach than usual, I noticed I've been using the medium/medium down shot on a lot of these, so I thought it was time to pull the camera back a bit. I like the voyeuristic look of it, observing from the distance the crap that's about to go down. I happy with it, it's intense and that's what I wanted. I think I'm going to fiddle with a bit more, today was one of the few days I have a scanner available and it's close enough to done to get the point.

Next up, all the chicks from Teen Titans....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Power Girl

And the Jake Commissions continue, I don't think I'm going keep mentioning that they are Jake pieces because he knows it's his and he is the only one who reads this anyways. This time a lone Power Girl and some John Woo doves for effect. Big thanks to Pat on helping with my original layout and letting me "steal" some of his stuff. Overall I like it, but I like a piece for about a day after I finish it and then I think it sucks, but this one is again decent. My favorite part is the her 80's hair, it's like Jem, but not as outrageous, truly.......HA!......sorry.

Oops, forgot some shading on her left hand, I'll fix it before it ships!

Working on the next piece, Sabertooth vs. Hulk....