Friday, January 29, 2010

Green Lantern #50 comic signing!

So I set up a signing at Hot Comics, a local comic book store. Originally it was just going to be Doug, but I convinced Pat and Tom to join in also. After a morning interview on Fox 9 with Meteorologist Keith Marler about Green Lantern, everyone showed up for the signing at one. It was a fun day and the guys and Hot Comics did a great job of setting up the store and making us feel welcome, with wall to wall Green Lantern and anything else the guys had worked on.

Somehow I got Pat to draw me a Natu sketch (although his isn't finished yet) and then Tom drew me one and then Doug said he'd draw me one, yay!

Sketches were done, comics signed, and then we went and ate steak.

I don't know why I do the pouty lipped, squishy faced thing either....