Monday, May 26, 2008

Sid: Chapter 2 (second half)

Last 4 pages.


This was a generic script about a superhero who loses everything. Still not sure how I feel about this one, it came out fine, but just too depressing.

Future Story

This one a planned a whole 7 or 8 pages for the short story, but I got way behind and we have only the first page (it's a teaser!). Hope to come back to this idea one day, it was bascially sci-fi/future, mars thingy.

Bus Stop

This was supposed to focus on casting shadows in perspective. That became kind of secondary as I wanted to draw a pissed off Guy, luckily the subject and the assignment worked well together.


This was an assignment for Halloween, that was the only requirement. So I had our friend, Mr. Snow, in a spooky house (it's kinda Halloween...). Oh, and that staircase was a pain in the butt to draw, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

This year...

This is the beginning of the work I did in the past year. I kind of had a break through, as putting together a page has gotten somewhat easier and feels like it's starting to flow better. These pages were for another assigned script.

Sid: Chapter 1

This was my Comic 2 final. Another rushed piece, and I hadn't really created an efficient system of putting a page together yet. So it ended up a little more cartoony then I wanted (chapter 2 resolves that), but this is Sid's beginning and I plan to keep adding chapters to her story.

Oh lordy, it's Reefer Madness!

Another randomly assigned script....ugh. I did end up rushing this one a bit, so there are some painfully embarrassing moments for me in this, but I thought some of it turned out to be decent.

Spring Heeled Jack

My little three page take on the English legend...


Okay I'll try this again! They should be smaller now right? This is why I like a pencil and paper, nice and simple. Here is some work I did for my Illustration class. A propaganda poster, anti clone newspaper headline, Wolvie drinkin' (there was a point at the time), and a children's book illo.


So I just realized I'm post this pics at a freakin' huge size. Hopefully these are more manageable. The first piece was a one page assignment about an alien gladiator thing. The second piece was an assignment for an inside letter's page, splash thingy.

Here is my Comic 1 final from many years ago. Basically I wanted Cap to run into a German super soldier who didn't suck like the ones he usually fought. Please excuse the snow laden trees, they make me cringe too....

Digital work

One of my favorite digital pieces, probably because you can use almost every photoshop effect when you're working with Dr. Strange's magic. Here the initial penciled sketch and the finished photoshop piece.


Some early pin-ups I planned to do some digital work on. I never did get around to it with these three, but Dr. Strange......

Early stuff I probably shouldn't even show.

So here are two pages from my first year. The "Alien" page was based on a script provided in class and the other we were only given a setting. The "Wizard" page is an example of some of my early pen inking......oy......I struggle with the ink!


So here's my blog, yay! Which is unfortunate for all my friends and family who I will guilt into responding to my incessant ramblings and posts. For starters I thought I would put up some of my back log of work from three years of schoolin'. I'll start in chronological order with some of the older, less well crafted stuff first. Not to say the early work is crap, but hopefully you'll notice a definitive progression from then to now. And we're off....

Oh, and all images are property of me, Josh Eddings, and/or their respective owners.