Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Mad Titan!

Yeah I've been draggin' ass on this one, but to be fair I was working on two at once. I've also been busy with a bunch of other stuff so :P This is my little homage to the George Perez (and every use of it after) Infinity Gauntlet #1 cover. I'm pretty happy with it, Death is probably my favorite part. If I had one little quibble, it would be Thanos seems a bit stiff for me, even though he just supposed to be standing there. So yay! another one done and it looks like it will make a nice print too.

Hopefully next week: Deadpool/Siryn

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Comic signing in Iowa!

So I went with Tom to a comic signing he was doing at Limited Edition Comics in Cedar Falls Iowa yesterday. Nice store and Rob, the owner, was a great host. I was dead tired before we got there, but everyone there was really energetic and excited to see Tom, so that went away pretty fast. I was Tom's unofficial assistant for the day, but people also enjoyed some of the commissions I was working on and wanted sketches from me too, which was cool. I look forward to going there again (we were invited back). Hopefully by then the stuff Tom and I are going to be working on will be in print and I'll have something to sign myself.

Here are some pics (I might put up a few more later). First two are of Tom doing sketches and talking with the fans. The last one is him messing up our posed shot with the twenty pound steel Captain America shield.....

More nerd fun with Cap's shield added.