Thursday, August 27, 2009


Last piece to be scanned at MCAD, I am done, withdrew today. Yay! Now Jake just has to pay me $1,000 per commission so I can pay off my student loans.....

Here's Daken, Wolverine's derivative offspring, in a blown up building or something. This took way longer than it ever should have. Not because I was working on it the whole time, but mainly because I worked on it for about thirty minutes once a week or so. This is also the last time I do some rubble background unless it is actually needed. I like it though, it's darker and I feel like I channeled a bit of Mahnke through out the process.
Crap, not sure where I got the reference for the costume below his waist, but it's wrong. I'll fix it and re-post.
Next up: Cloak & Dagger!