Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fallcon- day 2

So here are some more pics from Fallcon. A few of the costumed attendees who were strolling by my table and a Domino sketch for a fan. I was busy doing sketches the whole time for both days and only got about 2o minutes to walk around towards the end of today. Which is good, cause I was making money, but sucked cause I barely lifted my head from my sketch pad. I'll be posting more photos I took with Tom's camera in a couple days.

For my first convention as a "creator" I had a great time. I made some good money, met some really cool people and enjoyed a lot of positive response to my work.

Some more photos- Keith Champagne, me, and Tom Nguyen. The other photo is of Keith, Tom, and Tom's model, Talia.

Added a couple more commissioned sketches...

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fallcon- day 1

So today was awesome! I sold a bunch of stuff and was packed with sketches all day. I got to use the bathroom once and spent the rest of the day drawing. I wasn't ready to be inundated with a bunch of sketch requests right off the bat, but that's what happened. Here are a few I took pics of. Not my best stuff, but I was trying to crank them out to get 'em all done.

I'll have more to say tomorrow...

Added some pics my good buddy Kurt took on the first day.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Doug Mahnke inks!

Here it is! Doug's inks on my pencils and it looks freakin' awesome! It's great to see how my stuff looks with a pro putting his spin on it. I changed Hal's hair from the previous drawing and tweaked some of the anatomy before Doug went to town. I'm framing the original and slapping it up on my wall. I'll be selling this as a print at Fallcon this weekend.