Monday, November 10, 2008


This is a page I did for my friend's kid. Apparently he loves Batman and Joker so here they are fighting under some vague context. I think it turned out alright, although Bats face kinda bugs me in the first panel.

This page was also done with a little input from veteran comic book artist Doug Mahnke. For those of you I didn't call up at all hours of the morning when it happened, I got the assistant job with Doug about a month ago. So far I got to do the layouts for 7 pages of Nightwing and I'm working on some other stuff now which I can't talk about, cause Doug would snap me in twain! He's a big man. It's a little nerve wracking to be working in a studio with Doug and Pat Gleason, but I'm learning a lot and it's awesome! And I get paid to draw comics....really?! paid?!

Let that be a leason kids, you spend enough time getting yelled at in school to stop drawing "cartoons" and you too could be fetching a comic superstars coffee. :P